Who We Are

Douglas & Rorry Lovins, Owners:

Together, they make a great team. Doug’s technical knowledge and years of experience, coupled with Rorry’s management abilities, and pleasant demeanor, keeps Pines Pool Service at the top of the heap!

Rorry Lovins - Office Manager

After years in the corporate world, both in sales and training, Rorry brings a wealth of sales experience and customer service expertise to the Pines Pool team.  In addition to running day to day operations, occasionally you will find her in the field with Doug “supervising” repairs and finally meeting the customers she has communicated with for years over the phone.  Rorry is the “voice” of Pines Pools.  Her pleasant manner on the phone, and eagerness to meet customers needs make her a vital asset to the company’s success.  Customers continually rave to employees in the field about how great it is to work with Rorry.

See for yourself:

  • Give Rorry a call!
  • “Hear” her smile over the phone!

I love what I do, and making customers happy is something I do well!

Douglas Lovins - Founder

When Doug Lovins decided to leave his medical background as a rehabilitative therapist and re-enter the swimming pool industry that he grew up in, he knew that he wanted to do things differently. The business model of his father and so many other pool companies felt “old school” and outdated! Cleaning a filthy pool week after week without addressing how the pool was getting so dirty in the first place seemed silly and backwards. He knew there must be a better way.  Over the years, he began tweaking customers’ pool equipment, making flow adjustments, and introducing automatic pool cleaners where there were none. Eventually, he developed a complete system that became the “Pines Pool Way”; a method that optimizes a swimming pool’s systems to ensure the pool stays cleaner and crystal clear from one service visit to the next.  The “Pines Pool Way”, is taught to each of our technicians, and has resulted in hundreds of satisfied customers every single week.

Doug remains involved in all aspects of Pines Pool Service from simple repairs to complete system automation. He is a certified stain specialist, Diamond Brite* & River Rock installer, electronic leak detection specialist, as well as a dealer for many major equipment manufacturers. His vast knowledge and experience coupled with a high standard of workmanship has earned him his reputation as a quality provider who values honesty and integrity above all else.

I take a great deal of pride in solving customers pool problems!