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We are your one-stop pool shop for pool advice, supplies, repairs, or installations. The myriad of pool equipment and supplies for sale can be daunting. Considerations for climate and regional differences can often be overlooked as well, especially on internet purchases.

Consult with a company that understands the requirements of your pool and cares about meeting your needs. We have performed thousands of repairs and installations over the years, and whatever your situation, we have most likely seen it already. We work with every major manufacturer and are a warranty station for most major brands.

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“Pines Pool Service has been maintaining my pool for over 12 years in Sunset Lakes. The Lovins family provides outstanding service and always respond quickly to any need. Their prices are great and most importantly, the actual pool cleaning is done with care and done well. The water is always perfectly balanced, and clear. I’ve had Pines Pool Service perform several repairs over the years such as a pump replacement and the work is professional grade. I still get flyers or cards left on my door from competitors and there’s no way I would switch”. Peter R.

Peter R.

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