Weekly Pool Cleaning Service

Anybody can net leaves, brush a pool, and throw in a lot of chlorine to keep a pool looking pretty good after a visit. However, it takes true knowledge and understanding to setup a pool to KEEP it looking great all week long. Our goal with every customer is to optimize their pool systems in a way that the pool continually cleans itself throughout the week. That’s the “Pines Pool Way”.  It is also why we provide an automatic pool cleaner with service if you don’t already have one. Our uniformed technicians are highly trained, and perform all necessary tasks to ensure your pool is at it’s best before they leave.  Additionally, we leave proof of every weekly visit.  A clean, crystal clear pool, properly balanced for swimmer comfort, is our number one goal.

Weekly Chemical Service

You do the cleaning, and leave the complicated chemistry to us!

Our weekly chemical service includes water balancing, cleaning of debris baskets, and scheduled filter cleanings.

Don’t underestimate the value of having a pool professional visit your pool every week. We make any necessary adjustments and perform a visual inspection of your equipment with every visit. Many costly repairs or potentially hazardous situations can be entirely averted if spotted early enough by a trained professional!

Give us a call and enjoy the peace of mind of professional pool maintenance for what you’re probably spending at the pool store already!

Need Pool Service?

Contact us to see how we can help you with your pool!


“Pines Pool Service has been maintaining my pool for over 12 years in Sunset Lakes. The Lovins family provides outstanding service and always respond quickly to any need. Their prices are great and most importantly, the actual pool cleaning is done with care and done well. The water is always perfectly balanced, and clear. I’ve had Pines Pool Service perform several repairs over the years such as a pump replacement and the work is professional grade. I still get flyers or cards left on my door from competitors and there’s no way I would switch”. Peter R.

Peter R.

Go ahead and let us take the reins for a while and see for yourself what a "Pines Pool" looks like!